‘Austin & Ally’ Finale Season: Laura Marano Hooks Up with Jason Mraz, Not Dating Ross Lynch?

Tonight, The Disney Channel’s hit series Austin & Ally is all new with one of the finale episodes of the last season. It looks like Ally actress Laura Marano has already found a new writing partner. Marana recently announced that she was hooking up with Jason Mraz on a new song. She also opened up about why she hasn’t been dating her TV boyfriend Ross Lynch. Check the report below for a look at tonight’s all new episode as an update on Laura Marano.

he official plot synopsis for tonight’s all new episode of Austin & Ally, titled “Burdens & Boynado,” reads:

“Trish tries to prevent her boy band client Boynado from breaking up. Meanwhile, Austin and Ally help a former impersonator find his own voice.”

Be sure to check out the all new episode of Austin & Ally, tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on The Disney Channel.

Laura Marano and Jason Mraz have been working together! Recently, Marano tweeting a photo from the writing session with Mraz:

“Ummm, I had the COOLEST writing session today! Thanks Bill Gaul, the Natters, and, oh yeah, @jason_mraz!!! AHHH.”

Laura Marano recently opened up to Hollywood Life about why she never dated Ross Lynch, saying:

“I think it’s a very much because we are very professional. I know for me — I’ve been acting since I was 5 — I’ve always been taught that you really should never date a co star while you’re working with someone, because then you can get together then not get together. Can you imagine?…Ross and I — and everyone on the show — we all agreed on. You really don’t date co stars when you work with them.”

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