Laura Marano Shares Her Best Skincare Advice

Laura Marano‘s skin always looks radiant, and that’s because she always make sure to take care of it! When TWIST caught up with the Austin & Ally actress after her appearance at Camp Wonder in California in partnership with Cetaphil, she exclusively shared the best skincare tips she’s ever learned – and puts to practice daily.

Wash your face everyday: wash in the morning and at night no matter how tired you are,” Laura advises. “Trust me, even last night I got home crazy late because my flight was delayed, but you know I had all this makeup on. I washed it off.”

So what are some of her favorite products? “I love Cetaphil so much,” she says. “I use the face wash all the time so I always wash my face and also stay hydrated.”

Another great tip from Laura? “Drink water, water is good,” she says. It’s the perfect way to keep your body healthy, and your skin will echo that feeling!