Laura Marano Is Releasing Her Debut Single ‘Very, Very Soon’

We don’t know if there’s anyone more excited about Laura Marano‘s music then…well, Laura herself!

Speaking with Yahoo Beauty, the 19-year-old pop singer and actress opened up about how soon you can actually hear her music.

“Oh! I’m so excited…Best fans ever, putting that on the table right now. You guys rock! So I’m probably gonna come out with it early like 2016, but I’m having my single come out very, very soon,” Laura dished.

She added, “We’re in the process with it. Especially today, I had some very good meetings about music. And we’re almost, we’ve almost picked it and I’m so excited to show everybody. I really think everybody’s gonna like it. And it’s like, this morning I was just like really giddy, I was like ‘Eee! They’re showing people music! Ahh.’”

Laura was also put in the hot seat, picking and choosing her favorites of everything. Check out both videos below!