Laura Marano Spills the 3 Things She Always Has In Her Bag – & Why She’s Sticking With Her Flip Phone

Laura Marano always looks so put-together and stylish on the red carpet, and she’s always prepared and has all of her essential products on hand in her purse every time she steps out. When we caught up with her at 103.5 KTU’s KTUPhoria over the weekend, we asked the actress to spill the three things she keeps in her bag at all times!

“Lip gloss or Burt’s Bee’s chapstick [depending] on the event,” Laura exclusively tells TWIST. “My cell phone, obviously, and mascara.”

Laura’s most dedicated fans will know that she is still holding on to one of her oldest cell phones: a flip phone design! When we asked the star if she would ever consider upgrading to a newer piece of technology, she had the cutest answer. “I mean, that’s like taking a part of my soul and ripping it from me,” she says. “I mean, let’s be real, sometimes… I love my flip phone. I’m trying to keep it as long as I possibly can.”

How ridiculously cute is that?