Laura Marano Reflects On ‘Austin & Ally’ Ending: ‘It’s Life Imitating Art’

Laura Marano and the rest of the ‘Austin & Ally’ gang aren’t quite ready to say goodbye! visited the set recently, and Laura, who takes on the role of Ally, revealed the heart wrenching moment it hit her that they were almost done!
It’s never easy to say goodbye! Laura Marano, 19, has spent four years on the set of Austin & Ally and definitely has grown a ton along the way — so what’s it like to know the end is near? Well she was actually in denial and totally screamed when talking about it to! Trust me, you’ll want to here what she had to say.

Laura Marano On ‘Austin & Ally’ Ending
“It’s our senior year, so everyones kind of going in different areas, you definitely do see that struggle,” Laura told us while visiting the LA set. “It’s like the third season finale but even bigger. It’s sad, because it kind of I think, is life imitating art. It’s very what were going through right now. Everytime I talk about it, I’m like, ‘Ahhh! Push it away, push it away!’”

She also admitted that it was slowly but surely becoming a reality that they were near the end.
“Someone was saying we have five more [episodes to film], and I was like ‘WAIT WHAT? HOLD UP!’” she said. “It’s insane. It’s very sad right now.”