EXCLUSIVE ‘There is definitely a stigma with child actors’: Former Disney star Laura Marano, 23, reveals the challenges she’s faced breaking the mould to pursue mature roles

Starring alongside Noah Centineo in The Perfect Date, American actress Laura Marano has become Netflix‘s newest romantic comedy star.

But young fans will know her from her breakout role as Ally Dawson on Disney’s Austin & Ally between 2011 and 2016.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 23-year-old revealed the biggest struggles she has encountered breaking the Disney mould over the past three years.

There’s challenges that come with it, for one thing there is a stigma with child actors in general and then add on the Disney aspect and there’s more stigma, about what you can do and what kind of level you’re at.’

‘The biggest challenge for me after Austin and Ally was re-establishing myself, because I had done more film and TV before, in more mature roles and proving myself to producers and directors,’ Laura said.

Working hard to step away from the G-rated character she played for five years, she said: ‘They definitely can easily see you as one character or one way.’

Since leaving Disney, Laura has released her own music and starred in films Lady Bird, The War With Grandpa and a series of shorts.

She said being ‘authentic and genuine as possible’ is always her main focus as she seeks out other roles and chases numerous career goals.

‘Growing up as I am and making mistakes along the way, I definitively try to be as aware of my platform and my fan base as much as I possibly can, but the turning point was realising you grow up and get older!’


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