Laura Marano Drops New Single ‘F.E.O.U.’ Ahead Of Roxy Concert Tonight – Get The Lyrics Here!

Laura Marano is making this Friday so much better than we expected it to be!

The 23-year-old singer just dropped her new single, “F.E.O.U.”, hours ahead of her concert at The Roxy later tonight in LA.

Want to know something cool about Laura‘s concert? She’s partnered with Lauren Oliver’s newly formed creative agency Hookline and during the event and created a fully customized exclusive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content.

Fans will get the chance to interact in an immersive world during the show.

JJJ chatted with Laura ahead of the show tonight about her pre-show rituals, too.

“I like to drink this tea that I absolutely love called Throat Coat Tea,” she told us. “I like to get super pumped with the team, usually to rap music, where we’ll all be jumping up and down and dancing, but then right before, I like a moment of quiet. It gets me focused and calm.”

Psst, you can still get tickets!

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