Laura Marano Reveals She’s ‘Overwhelmed In The Best Way’ – Find Out Why

Laura Marano stops to smell the sunflowers on the gorgeous fall 2018 cover of Grumpy magazine.

In the issue, the 22-year-old actress and singer opens up about releasing new music her way, Saving Zoe and more. Check it:

On her upcoming music: “It’s songs that I’ve written in the last year and a half. Half the songs are wise, and happy, and fun. Other half of the songs are a little bit more vulnerable, more emotional. I really wanted to start out with ‘Me’ because it’s such a fun song. I really wanted the production to be a little bit more minimal. Me has that and the rest of my songs that follow have that.”

On what’s next: “It’s funny to answer this question, because I already feel overwhelmed in the best way with everything I am doing and want to accomplish. Producing a movie was one of my favorite and most rewarding experiences that I have done in the last two years, and I definitely want to do more of that. I could potentially see myself directing one day, but I think I am years away from that. Musically, I am beyond excited to be able to make and put out music that I love, and I just want to do that for the rest of my life.”

On working with sister Vanessa on Saving Zoe: “It’s really helpful. No one else in the world understands our lives more than we do. It’s something that we’ve bounded since we started…We have this way of reading each other’s minds. We have a way of communicating, connecting. I don’t want to give too much away but we actually didn’t act too much on screen together. But just working together in general was so rewarding.”

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