Laura Marano Reveals Her Heartbreak Really Shapes Her New Music

Laura Marano has gone moody with her new music.

The 22-year-old entertainer, who just debuted her brand new single “Me”, opened up to JJJ in an interview about her brand new sound and the meaning behind the track.

“It’s funny, it’s such a light, fun song, but honestly, it was kind of personal,” Laura says of the tune. “I wrote a group of songs about this specific person in my life, and this song was about such a specific time in this person’s and my life.”

“It was really fun to write, but I also had to explain this whole personal story to the other writers in the room, so that’s always a party.”

While this song is more upbeat, Laura says there are much more moody ones coming, and a heartbreak is to thank for the new sound.

“It shaped my music so much,” she says of that moment in her life. “My music is the most personal it’s ever been. Half the songs are really moody, and some of the best songs I’ve ever done.”

She continues, “They represent a way more vulnerable, confusing and emotional part of my life. The other half, like Me, are really fun and represent the other part of my life right now: being in love.”

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