Laura Marano Opens Up About Reuniting with Noah Centineo on ‘The Stand-In’

Noah Centineo is currently the internet’s boyfriend – but first, he was Laura Marano‘s…at least on screen, sort of.

The 22-year-old actors first met when he guest starred on Austin & Ally as Dallas, the cell phone cart guy who Ally had a major crush on; and soon, they’re reuniting on screen in The Stand-In.

Laura got to chat during her appearance at AJ Gibson‘s “Flipping the Script” book launch about working again with Noah on screen.

“Seeing him grow up literally, he’s now a man,” she shared. “Even just on the acting side as a person, he’s always been such a really kind, wonderful human being.”

Laura adds that Noah‘s “so talented and it’s crazy to see even with starting on such an amazing high point how much he’s grown even more. So, reuniting was just so wonderful.”

The Stand-In, also starring Camila Mendes, still doesn’t have a release date. But, stay tuned!

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