Laura Marano Announces New Single ‘Me’ & Updates Fans On Her Music, Life & More

Laura Marano IS BACK!

The 22-year-old singer and actress just announced to her fans that her brand new single, called “Me”, will be out this Friday, October 5th, and we can not contain our excitement about this!

On top of announcing her new single, Laura also shared a brand new video where she chats about the frustrations of getting to this point in her music and what’s coming next.

“It was November 2017, I recorded an album for my first label, and another for my second label, and filmed two movies,” Laura explains. “And I hadn’t shown anyone anything and it was all of the sudden so frustrating.”

But within the past two years, she’s found a new inspiration for writing – through loss.

Laura adds, “I would go into a writing room and couldn’t stop talking about everything that happened to me personally, which was very different then when I was first writing. You have to trust that everything happens they way they’re supposed to happen.”

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