Laura Marano’s Best Life Involves Bagels & Lounging All Day in a Robe

When you think of living your best life, you should probably turn to Laura Marano for all of your inspiration for it.

The War on Grandpa actress and singer is most definitely living her best life today (November 21) and by the looks of it, we want to be this good at living life too.

To kick off her Tuesday, she went on a run — but it didn’t end there.

“Went for a run this morning and ended up at a bagel shop, so I kinda feel like I don’t need to do anything else for the rest of the day,” she shared on Twitter. See — BEST. LIFE.

And it gets better!

Later on, Laura shared a loungey snap of her in a red robe outside her home.

“Yeah sooo, I think I’m just gonna stay in this robe all day,” she captioned.

This is what goals look like.

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