Laura Marano might be known for her acting career, including her time as Ally Dawson on Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, but she’s ready to make a name for herself as a musician!

After signing with Warner Bros Records in May 2017, and receiving a lot of positive reviews of her 2016 single, “Boombox,” Marano is ready to return to her music career. The 21-year-old actress, who sang in every episode on Austin & Ally, confirmed that new music is on the way during an interview with Modeliste magazine for its October cover.

“We’re definitely working on music. We want to release a whole body of music. A single is going to be coming first and I feel so hard for my fans because they have been waiting for such a long time for my music,” Marano told Modeliste.

The young artists’ debut album has been a long time coming, but Marano hopes her fans will feel the wait was worth it once it finally drops.

“Since I started Austin & Ally, I’ve been writing for my debut album,” she explained. “It’s gone through so many bumps and so many challenges, yet so many beautiful, wonderful things have occurred. I finally feel like we’re getting to the end of the road and the debut album is coming soon, so that’s really, really exciting!”

As for when we can expect the album, Marano teased that it will be sometime this year, so get ready!

“I’ve been working so hard for it and all I’ve ever wanted to do is make amazing music to share with my fans. I know they’ve wanted that too, so I’m glad we’re on the same page with that,” she admitted to the publication. “I think they’re going to kind of love this direction that I’ve been in because it feels really right for me. I’m kind of like at the place where I love it and everything honestly feels super right. I am beyond grateful and excited to release it this year.”

Marano’s yet-to-be-titled debut solo album is slated for a 2017 release.

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