Vanessa Marano Celebrates ‘Gilmore Girls’ Premiere With Sister Laura!

Excuse us while we just stare at how good the Marano sisters look at the Gilmore Girls premiere!

Vanessa, who plays April Nardini in the revival series, brought along her younger singer sister, Laura for the event in Los Angeles.

Even our fave Mae Whitman, who has a small part in the revival, hit the red carpet for the event.

“I hope this is her second chance,” Vanessa told JJJ about April during our exclusive interview. “Where and when we last left Luke and Lorelai, they were sort of together, so a lot of people’s beef, and my beef with April, was the fact that she broke those two up.”

She adds, “Hopefully, this time around, people can just like the character for who she is, as opposed to the 13-year-old who was just a child when she broke up America’s Sweethearts.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premieres NEXT Friday, November 25th on Netflix.

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