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Laura Marano To Star With Robert De Niro In New Movie!

Laura Marano is heading back in front of the camera!

While the former Austin & Ally star is hard at work on her debut album, she’s also set to star in a new movie with legendary actor Robert De Niro.

The flick called The War with Grandpa, is a coming of age family comedy where a young grandson is forced to yield his room to his Grandpa Jack (De Niro) who is moving in. The boy engages in a series of pranks to drive his grandfather out but the old man fights dirty, giving as good as he gets.

Laura will play the boy’s big sister, a teenage daughter who is trying to rebel from under her watchful mother (Marisa Tomei) — much different from Ally Dawson!

The movie is expected to hit theaters in April 2017.


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