Laura Marano Talks about Her Upcoming Album

Laura Marano is an actress who is crossing over into music (and who took over CBS Radio’s Instagram account at CBS Radio’s recent We Can Survive concert). Earlier this year, she scored a hit with “Boombox,”and she’s recently followed it up with “La La.” She spoke with about the latter song backstage at We Can Survive.

“I wrote it a few months ago with awesome writers, one being my love Justin Tranter,” she said; Tranter also wrote Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” and Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself.”

“The song is a happy, celebratory, ‘Screw you’ song. It’s all about: I’m so happy to be me, and I’m going to do me no matter what, and you can tell me whatever you want to say, and all I hear is ‘La, la.’”

She says there are other songs coming out soon, and at some point, she’ll release her album. “I’m excited for the album… I have some other songs coming out soon. It’s definitely a stressful process, to see what people think of it. But at the end of the day, you just have to put it out there and hope people connect to it.”

“The album timeframe… it’s complicated. To be honest with you, the goal was to release it a year ago. And then the goal was to release it before the end of the year. But then I got a few acting projects,  which is awesome, and I’m really happy about it, but the shooting dates keep complicating everything. we’re figuring that out and once that gets figured out, we’ll let everyone know when the [release] date is, what the title is, the artwork, that’s all done and the music’s done. It’s just the date. And I wish I could give more answers, but when I do have answers, cause I don’t have them yet, I will shout them from all the rooftops.”

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