Laura Marano Opens Up About Writing Her Own Music For Her Upcoming Album

Laura Marano welcomes in the autumnweather on the cover of the new issue ofTremblay magazine.

JJJ has an exclusive sneak peek at the 20-year-old singer’s interview in the glossy, where she opens up about her music and what’s ahead.

“Having my own original Laura Marano music out there is the most incredible feeling in the world,” she shared. “The fact that people can now hear music that I created or collaborated or worked on in any creative way makes me feel way more connected with my audience than ever before.

Laura added about writing her own music for the upcoming album, “I also feel like I learned a lot about myself writing this album. I definitely gravitated more towards self empowerment themes, only to realize how relevant those concepts were to my own life.”

She continued, “You have to get pretty personal pretty quick with people you barely know, but it’s a much more rewarding experience when you let your walls down carefully (which is something I definitely struggle with because it’s still a pretty scary place to be.”

Stay tuned for Laura‘s full interview with Tremblay mag, out TOMORROW!

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