15 Times Laura Marano Was The Worlds Cutest Human Being

Laura Marano is one of the fiercest Disney gals nowadays. From her incredible time killing it on Austin and Ally, to her radio show, to her new music, to judging Miss America, she’s doing literally everything — and with a big smile on her face.

Considering how much she has on her plate and all the things we have to look forward too (her debut album is out in September), Laura is definitely one to watch. Regardless her busy schedule, she exudes positive energy with every Tweet, interview and performance — seriously, her smile is infectious. Her bubbly, quirky nature never fails to brighten our days whether we’re we’re watching her on screen, listening to her show or jamming out to her music — guys, Boombox is a JAM!

To be honest, she’s kind of one of the cutest human beings EVER. From her infectious energy to her ability to keep a smile on our face, we can’t help but feel energized watching her do, well, anything.

As we get ready for all the exciting new things the starlet has coming, lets revisit all these times Laura Marano was actually the cutest:


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