Laura Marano’s Mom Ellen Marano Reassures Fans That Her Daughter Is Safe

Laura Marano is a famous Disney Channel star, which comes with a lot of perks, responsibilities, and risks. Still, fans are extremely worried about the actress and singer’s safety! Worried supporters have been commenting on her mom Ellen Marano‘s Instagram account, pleading for extra security and safety measures.

Although she didn’t respond directly to comments, Ellen reassured fans that they were taking measures to keep her daughter safe.

She posted a video of security guards surrounding the Austin & Ally star, along with the caption, “Just to let all the Lauratics know that she had a lot of security and always will! Thanks for caring! #Lauraissafe.”

Phew! That’s a relief. This is a totally scary situation, and it’s a good thing that Laura’s team is listening to fans’ concerns. Her safety is the most important.

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