Laura Marano is ready for the world to see her not just as Ally Dawson, the lovable TV character she played for four seasons on Austin & Ally, but just as Laura, the singer-songwriter who’s ready to show the world what she’s made of. In a new interview, the starlet opened up about how there she does feel under pressure transitioning from Disney Channel darling to a full-time musician, but she’s just trying to stay true to herself.

“There’s two types of pressures you get: The one pressure is to kind of be perfect and make no mistakes. And then the other pressure is the opposite: being super edgy and sexy. For me, I just have to be myself,” Laura explained. “I’ve tried to prepare my fans and everyone around me that I’m definitely not perfect and I’m going to make mistakes along the way. It’s just part of growing up — not just as a person, but as an artist. I think especially with my first single [Boombox], there’s nothing that is particularly quote-unquote edgy in the lyrical concept, but I think it has more of a mature sound, sonically, than what people heard me sing on Austin & Ally.”

Other starlets before Laura who like her, got their start on a hit Disney Channel show and have now moved on, have all gone about it in very different ways, something Laura also notes all depends on the person and what’s best for that artist and her fan base.

“I’m sure for other Disney stars or even anyone who’s making a transition as an artist and doing something their fans aren’t used to, it’s scary. Today’s generation especially, I think, is really smart and sees through you right away if you’re not being genuine,” Laura said. “The fact of the matter is, everyone’s different, from Miley to Selena to Demi to Zendaya to me. We’re all totally different people. So as long as we stick to who we are, then I think the differences will come out.”

Laura isn’t going to do anything to alienate her fans who have been with her the last few years, but she’s ready to reach more people and show who she really is, in hopes of more people hearing and loving her music. She always marches to the beat of her own drum and that’s what makes her so special!