Laura Marano Opens Up About How She’s Staying True To Herself As She’s Taking On a New Music Career

There are a lot of changes going on for Laura Marano right now: the star just ended her role onAustin & Ally, and now she’s diving head-first into her music career. In a new interview with MTV, Laura admitted that this is a totally scary transition – especially since so many fans know her from the Disney Channel – but she’s trying really hard to just stay herself during this whole process.

“There [are] two types of pressures you get: one pressure is to kind of be perfect and make no mistakes. And then the other pressure is the opposite: being super edgy and sexy,” she said. “For me, I just have to be myself. I think especially with my first single, there’s nothing that is particularly quote-unquote edgy in the lyrical concept, but I think it has more of a mature sound, sonically, than what people heard me sing on Austin & Ally.”