Laura Marano Gushes Over Her Fans For ‘Regard’ Mag: ‘They Are The Best People To Go Through This Journey With Me’

 Laura Marano looks like the most beautiful princess you’ve never met in her new cover story for the December 2015 issue of Regard magazine.

The 20-year-old actress and singer opened up about her amazing fans, her music and breaking into the business. Check it:

On her music: “I always say my sound is like Maroon 5 meets 5 Seconds of Summer. I am so insanely excited for everyone to hear my songs…Although I am definitely similar to Ally, I have a different story to tell. my music is my story, and it is really important to me to share that story with my fans.”

On breaking into the music business: “I definitely always wanted to be in the music business, but I didn’t really have any opportunities to get me in the business, so I just worked on my craft the best I could. After I got Austin and Ally, a lot more opportunities opened up, which is so amazing.”

On her fans: “I don’t even know where to being on how grateful I am to have my fans. They are supportive, funny, sweet, and just the best people to go through this journey with me. I have been working long and hard on my my music because I want it to be perfect for everyone when they hear it.”

Source: Laura Marano Gushes Over Her Fans For ‘Regard’ Mag: ‘They Are The Best People To Go Through This Journey With Me’ | Laura Marano, Magazine | Just Jared Jr. 

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