Happy Halloween

I need some Brutus Salad to compliment my outfit, am I rightttt?! I’m Caesar Salad, by the way. #HappyHalloween

Meet Laura in LA for an Exclusive Cooking Lesson

Hungry for some summer fun? Here is your chance to meet me in LA for an exclusive cooking lesson sponsored by Birds Eye. #AD No Purchase Necessary. Free entry & Official Rules: Disney.com/Veggies.

Laura Graduates High School

AHHH, last Saturday morning, I felt a mix of pride, joy, sadness, and gratitude (Basically, I was an emotional wreck). In my four years of high school, I experienced some of the happiest moments I’ve had in my life so far… I literally can’t describe how lucky I feel to have had those experiences! YAY  #HighSchoolGraduate #Weirddd